Emerging Trends in Real Estate®: The Global Outlook 2018

Can an industry that has for so long operated under the comfort blanket of access to scarce resource thrive in a new world of shared access and digital connectivity?

Big data, boosted by AI and blockchain applications are developments that real estate knows will have big implications, but currently finds somewhat difficult to get its head around.

Lines between traditional real estate companies and new entrants mainly from the technology/services field are becoming blurred. Better access to data – the new ‘oil’ for the real estate sector – could allow technology companies or new entrants to dominate entire sections of real estate.

There is an opportunity for new entrants to disrupt the sector and steal value and market share. But ambitious, innovative, established real estate business arguably start from an advantageous position. These are interesting and exciting times, and our Global Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2018 interviews paint a picture of an increasingly competitive battlefield, between traditional real estate investors and new entrants, to capture future value from the world’s pre-eminent asset class.

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