European PropТech1 Ventures expands to SEE


Following the fast-paced development of technology and the disruptive impact of COVID-19 on the real estate industry, the proptech sector in the SEE has been on the rise. Local startups are quickly gaining traction and Greece is close to producing the first unicorn in the niche.

Recently, a new European VC fund expanded into the SEE region to tap into the potential of regional startups. PropТech1 Ventures announced their partnership with the Bulgarian fund 3p1, part of the Bulgarian biggest holding in the real estate industry – AG Capital.

Aimed at early-stage proptech and construction tech companies, PropТech1 Ventures wants to create a pan-European venture capital platform that discovers the potential for innovation in real estate. Together with their SEE expansion, they announced a new key investor from North Europe.

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The road to opportunity. KPMG Global PropTech Survey

An annual review of the real estate industry’s journey into the digital age.

There is increasing awareness of the impact of technology on the
real estate industry, but organizations are starting to realize that the
digital age is about more than just technology.

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Launch of the PropTech StartUp Europe Awards 2018


Dirk Paelinck, CEO of Workero, officially launched the brand new PropTech StartUp Europe Awards 2018 for the European Commission in his closing speech at the PropTech gathering in Berlin @ Future: PropTech Berlin, Sept 13th 2018.

With over 40 C-level speakers and more than 400 high-profile participants, Future: PropTech Berlin was the perfect platform to announce this initiative.

In almost every European country, one or more PropTech networks are active that stimulate all the new startups and scaleups in the field of digital innovation and disruptive transformation in the real estate sector.

In order for the European PropTech economy to get to the next level, steps need to be taken towards a uniform market, the scaling up of cross-border collaboration and the establishment of a regulatory framework to foster innovation on a European level.

The PropTech StartUp Europe Awards of the European Commission is the first European initiative to give visibility and support to the most promising startups in innovation in real estate.

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Real Estate Predictions 2018 Building the Future

The 2018 edition of Deloitte’s predictions for the Real Estate industry, developed by Deloitte Netherlands, examines the Real Estate trends for 2018. Especially interesting is the part that puts focus on Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

For some companies, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) might still sound like a technology of the far future and others might confuse it with an R2D2-like physical machine. But due to the ongoing extension and obvious business potential, RE companies are more and more starting to apply this technology in their daily business and boost the efficiency of their workforce. Nonetheless, looking at the sector-specific processes and the administrative effort which is related to the management of properties, we find ourselves only at the beginning of this trend.

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PropTech: The costs and benefits of a real estate revolution

The traditional role of the estate agent is under threat. A digital revolution in the property market is improving the use, sale and hire of buildings, with significant benefits to consumers and corresponding challenges for industry insiders

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KPMG Global PropTech Survey: Bridging the gap

Unlike the financial sector and the simplest example of mobile banking, digital transformation in Commercial Real Estate is still in its early stages. That is largely no thanks to slow advancements of the technology itself but rather due to slow adoption from Real Estate sector.

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PropTech 3.0: the future of real estate

Will we soon be able to buy a house with the click of a button? A report released by Saïd Business School, University of Oxford takes an expansive look at property technology (PropTech), and its findings detail the dramatic changes facing the real estate industry. The 95-page report was written by Andrew Baum, Visiting Professor of Management Practice at Oxford Saïd and real estate industry veteran, using data from PropTech venture capital firm PiLabs and interviews from over 50 real estate professionals.

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